Buy $99 Oz Canada at Mail Order Marijuana

Cheap weed sounds sort of, well, cheap. Here at Mail Order Marijuana we never sacrifice quality and try to provide the largest selection of $99 ounces around. Don’t be taken back by the cheap price, this is still a great weed.

We just want to keep looking out for our valued customers and provide great deals, great marijuana, and amazing service. Our producers in BC are the best in the country. So just because these ounces will only set you back $99 oz, that doesn’t mean that the weed is substandard. This is a great deal on some great weed. We are also carrying cannabis as low as $56 per ounce. Insane value!

Mail Order Marijuana not only carries some of the lowest cost ounces online, but we also offer a wide selection of strains to choose from. You can select from Indica, Sativa, or hybrid marijuana strains. You should still be able to decide which therapeutic benefit is best for you.

What Can You Expect for $99 Weed Ounces

  • AA/AA+ Grade Weed, is usally the norm in Canada when it comes to $99 ounces, however it is not bad thing. Indeed, for most of weed consumers AA+ weed is enough. I won’t be extra potent as AAAA can be but if smoke it pure it will be enough to get you high. These grades will still have a nice smell and taste.
  • Popcorn Buds or Small buds, These buds usually come from a batch of premium cannabis that is considered as AAA or AAAA grade. The small popcorn buds are a great way to enjoy a quality cannabis with a gassy nose and a great smoke! If you do not mind small buds, this is a great deal! Smaller buds doesn’t mean lower quality!