Canada Mail Order Marijuana, also known as Momarjiwana, represents a select group of quality craft cannabis growers and producers located in the Kootenay’s of British Columbia, Canada.

Since the early 1970s, the southeast British Columbia Kootenay region has been the key player in the nation’s craft cannabis industry. This is the area that developed the infamous “B.C. Bud” that is estimated to comprise 40 per cent of the cannabis produced in the nation.

Some 150,000 people live here, many of them farmers who have set aside patches of land and buildings to cultivate small crops of lush Indicas and Sativas.

Craft cannabis is at the heart of British Columbia’s economic heritage. With a long-standing tradition of quality and small batch production of specialized strains, BC is home to some of the most world renowned cannabis. Cannabis is also a renewable agricultural resource.

All of the products at Momarjiwana are sourced locally and we grow strains requested by patients and fine-tune our stock to address particular ailments, needs and desires. Our level of integrity of growing is higher and our people are personally involved to ensure our products are clean, organic and potent.