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When you buy bulk weed, you are getting the absolute best price per gram, and a whole heck of a lot of it.

What is Bulk Weed?

So what is Bulk Weed? It’s when you buy cannabis weed marijuana in LARGE quantities. Check out our specials on 3 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz varieties. We also offer mix-and-match products or variety packs!

Bulk Weed comes in indica, sativa, or hybrid varieties.

Why buy Bulk Weed?

It’s best to buy bulk weed when you consume cannabis in larger quantities. It is much more cost-effective! If you do not use or smoke cannabis often, it is better to buy a smaller amount so your product stays fresher. There are ways to keep your cannabis from drying out though! Try using a vacuum-sealed bag or jar.

What Is The Difference Between Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica Strains?

Cannabis Indica VS Sativa is a common topic that people often ask about. So what’s the Sativa Indica difference? The first distinction is between their appearance, where Sativa plants are taller and skinnier and Indica plants are shorter and thicker.

The main difference to focus on, however, is the difference in their medical benefits and the way it influences energy levels. For Sativa cannabis strains, it will have an uplifting and cerebral and deliver a “mind high” For Indica cannabis strains, it is the opposite effect where it will decrease energy levels and give a “body high.” Because of this, Indica strains are best suited to be eaten during the evening or nighttime. An example of an Indica-dominant strain includes the Rockstar weed strain.

A third common strain is called the Hybrid Weed Strain. This is a newer strain that is more unique, where it is a crossover between two different types of strains such as Sativa and Indica. With two strains mixed together, there will be a more balanced effect of the two strains. For more information regarding this, check out our category page on hybrid strains.

How To Use Bulk Weed Strains

There are several ways you can use Bulk Weed including smoking it with a:

  1. Joint
  2. Pipe
  3. Bong
  4. Dab rig
  5. Vaporizer

For non-smoking ways to take cannabis bulk weed, it can also be turned into edibles or concentrates.

Where To Store Bulk Weed Strains

For the longest shelf life, keep the weed Indica in an airtight container away from any sunlight. Also, we recommend to only buy what you need at one time. We offer shipping within 5-7 business days so you won’t ever have to worry about not having any Indica if you need it!

Where to Buy Bulk Weed Strains in Canada

At Mail Order Marijuana, we offer a selection of Indica strains to make it easy for you to buy weed online. We also have everyday low pricing with a satisfaction guarantee!