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MOM Canada Shipping Guarantee FAQ - Canada Mail Order Marijuana

Shipping Guarantees

Shipping Guarantees

Canada Post Safe Drop Option2021-11-10T16:49:25-08:00

We only insure the “Do Not Safe Drop” delivery option and we will not insure the “Safe Drop” delivery option.

Shipping to Nunavut, Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec2022-05-05T11:27:46-07:00

Unfortunately, the occurrence of theft is quite high in these areas and we cannot guarantee delivery if we ship your package there.

Signature Required Option?2022-05-05T11:28:14-07:00

We do not send packages out with a “signature required” unless requested. If you would like your package to be sent out with a signature required, please include this request in your order notes during the checkout process. We recommend requesting the “signature required” option to ensure your package arrives in your hands.


We are not liable for any lost or stolen packages. We do not offer refunds or replacements for lost, stolen, or missing packages that Canada Post says have been successfully delivered. This is non-negotiable and applies to all Canadian provinces and territories. 

We recommend requesting the “signature required” option for your orders to ensure the packages arrive in your hands. “Signature required” means the delivery agent will get the signature and the signatory’s name, then hand the item to the receiver.  If there’s no answer at the door, the delivery agent will leave a Delivery Notice Card in the addressee’s mail receptacle that directs the addressee to the designated post office to pick up the item.

If you would like to request “signature required” for future orders, please include it in your order notes.

We are not responsible for any melted or damaged products during transit. If necessary, please temporarily store products in the fridge after arrival to retain consistency. We do not offer refunds or replacements for melted or damaged products. This is non-negotiable and applies to all Canadian provinces and territories.

By using Mail Order Marijuana’s (www.mailorder-marijuana.io) services, you agree to order at your own risk.


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