This is the kind of snack that should always be around in social gatherings. It just makes for such great party food!

The Recipe

This recipe is popular for many reasons. For one, it is extremely easy to do. No cooking skills are required.

The key is to bake everything at a low temperature, allowing the bits and bolts to infuse with the Take and Bake oil safely. If you bake it in heat that is too hot, it will degrade the THC, leaving you with a low potency product.

Once finished, this recipe can be easily shared amongst friends and family, making it a great food option for social gatherings.

Blazin’ Bits and Bolts recipe

Tons of Flavors

The flavours in this recipe are all up to your creativity. Want to add in different kinds of nuts or cereal? You may do so without any restrictions. 

Ultimately, trial and error will allow you to figure out the best combination for yourself. Swap ingredients out to spice things up!

If you want it to be sweeter, you can add some brown sugar to the mix.

Mix Everything Together

Now that you have all the ingredients in your bowl, it is time to mix everything together. Mix it well for the bits and bolts combine nicely with the Take and Bake oil.

The end result should be shiny and wet-looking.

Sativa or Indica

As for which type of oil you should use, it is all due to personal preference. 

The main difference between the two is this:

Indica will help you relax. Ideal for a calming evening.

Sativa will make you energized. Ideal for stimulation and creativity juices to flow.

Proper Storage To Last Longer

Proper Storage To Last Longer

When you store these newly made THC creations in a proper manner, it can last a long time.

The Key is to store them away from sunlight in air-tight containers. You should also label the containers or bags to ensure that people know it contains THC.

You do not want your kids or friends who do not eat THC to accidentally consume them!

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