Weed is still a largely undiscovered plant. With many countries going the legalization route, people are discovering new and unknown things about marijuana.

One such unexplored and unanswered aspect is – does smoking weed cause acne? You either must have never thought of a relation between the two or never researched enough. Well, have you? Stress not, bear with us, and all your questions will be answered.

Acne is frustrating. There are absolutely no two ways about it. With all that zits and redness, not to mention the scars that it leaves, it is pretty evident that no one would want it even to start. However, the line seems a bit blurry when it comes to the relation between weed and acne.

First and foremost, it hasn’t yet been established that smoking weed bought from a Mail Order Marijuana site can cause acne. Neither is there any substantial proof to deduce that weed has extraordinary benefits on the skin? However, if you have acne-prone skin, excessive weed usage can definitely aggravate it.

The reasons can be numerous, but it is vital that you go through all these points. And then maybe the solution to your acne problem can lie in front of you.

What is Acne?

Going by a dictionary definition, acne is mostly an enlarged pore filled with sebum. The sebum results in the pores getting clogged. This is the main reason behind acne. Although plenty of sources quote that consumption of dairy products also aggravates acne, the main reason is genetics. As per neuroscientist Dr. Adie Rae, 

“Although there was once thought to be a link between acne and smoking tobacco, the evidence hasn’t supported this idea” (Source: weedmaps.com)

That being said, the causes of acne can be numerous – hormonal, PCOS, menstrual cycle irregularity, stress, dirt, pollution, and most importantly, an irregular sleeping cycle.

Now that you have a working knowledge about the reasons for acne appearance let us discuss if smoking weed can exacerbate existing skin conditions or not.

Is Smoking Weed Responsible for Acne Breakouts?

acne face

In a study published in the Dermatology journal, conducted in France in 2015, researchers deduced a direct relation between acne and weed smoking. However, the veracity of this research was under scrutiny and for all the right reasons.

The study was conducted on participants aged between 15 and 24. Therefore, the participants were adolescents, and we all know how rampant acne breakout is in teens. 

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What Constitutes the Composition of Weed?

Weed has three major compounds, namely THC, THCA, and CBD. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the reason behind you feeling relaxed. The medicinal component in marijuana is THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid.

The last component is CBD or cannabidiol, which is an excellent anti-psychotic agent. Well, do you get the irony in all this?

Cannabidiol is an anti-acne agent, but if smoking weed causes acne, then how does all this fit together?

Finding the Culprit – Is It THC?

One of the significant side-effects of THC an increase in the levels of testosterone. It can happen in both males and females. Now testosterone is famous for increasing the production and accumulation of Sebum. Do we need to say anymore? As soon as that sebum clogs the pores, expect a stubborn zit to appear in no time.

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THC and Your Unattainable Craving for Munchies

What more do you ask with a joint? A nice box of chocolates, some ice cream, maybe some pizza? No wonder acne knocks at your door! Now behind this craving, directly responsible, is THC.

What does THC do? Well, to start, it makes your brain believe and accept somehow that food tastes much better when you are high. Therefore the craving, so the fast food and sugar, hence the acne.

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So Is It Just THC?

We can find other reasons for acne breakouts as well. These may be directly or indirectly related to weed, hence duelling the whole “weed causing acne” debate. While smoking marijuana, the smoke can damage the collagen. This can lead to dead skin, pimples, and further breakouts.

Then again, this is true for people who already have acne-prone skin. One of the significant negatives of smoking weed is the ever-depleting Vitamin D. Again, a reason for acne breakouts.

The Verdict: Does It or Does It Not Cause Acne?

Well, smoking weed in itself is not directly responsible for acne. But the add-ons that it comes with increases the chances of developing acne breakouts.

Therefore, unregulated dietary practices and unhygienic approaches are the main reasons behind acne breakouts.

Precautions to Take While Smoking Weed

Although there is no direct relation between weed and acne, as we established earlier, there is no harm in taking precautions beforehand. Is it? Therefore, here are a few things you must religiously follow if you don’t want to aggravate your existing acne problem further. 

water prevents acne

Enough Water Always Helps – Drinking enough water can never go wrong. Why did you think they always said to drink water for glowing skin? Enough water consumption, while smoking will counteract the adverse effects, not to mention, will keep you full.

Therefore, the craving may be a bit less. Hence less oil is directly proportional to fewer acne breakouts.

Using a moisturizer will keep your collagen intact, therefore preventing the appearance of dead skin cells. Staying away from the smoke is a highly impossible task. But if you could, just give it a try.

The last and the most important is to eat healthily. Healthy food goes a long way. 

Does Vaping Cause Acne?

This section will briefly go over if using vape products will cause acne.

Long story short, vaping does in fact cause more acne to show up. Many vapers have reported seeing an acne flareup after starting to vape. The outbreak typically happens around the mouth and chin area.

The Bottom Line

To wrap it up, smoking weed is not directly responsible for acne breakouts. Therefore, we cannot answer in a definitive Yes or No. But if you have acne-prone skin, the reasons we covered above can definitely do things to worsen it.

It is best you consult your dermatologist if you have extreme acne concerns.

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What are your thoughts on weed and acne? Share your thoughts with us below!

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