Does weed have calories? If so, how much do they contain?

For those watching their weight, adding more calories to their body is something they need to stay away from. Some people even go as far as counting every single calorie that they eat per day.

This is why in today’s article, we will take a closer look at Canadian edibles and how many calories they consist of.

The Calories Overview

In simple terms, you can view one calorie as an energy unit. It is the energy that helps our body function properly.

Without calories, we will be unable to do much physical activity at all. The body will feel tired and hungry all the time.

The amount of calories one needs is based on gender and each person’s metabolism. Thus, everyone will need a different amount of calories to stay alive.

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Canadian Edibles

When using edibles, certain products will have more calories compared to the rest. 

Using edibles that can be bought in Canada is a great way to use cannabis. It is easy to do and digested just like any other food.

The popular edible products that we offer on Mail Order Marijuana include the following:

Indica 200mg THC 200mg CBD Sour Black Cherry

Indica 200mg THC 200mg CBD Sour Watermelon

400mg Sour Raspberry

Sativa 400mg Sour Mango

With so many edibles in the market, you will be sure to find one that you like.

Nowadays, more people are also experimenting with making their edibles at home. This just allows for more creativity in the foods you infuse together.

It also helps in making sure the calorie requirement is up to your standards.

How Many Calories Are in Edibles

Usually, the number of calories along on products like candy will be listed right on the packaging itself.

However, edible packaging will usually mention its THC and CBD dosage and total calorie amount. So what if you wanted to eat one gummy bear and not the entire package?

It’s a guessing game where you need to look at how many servings the product will last you. This will all be different whether you are taking a gummy bear, cookie, or chocolate bar edible.

For example, if the gummy bear packaging says it is 100 calories in total. You can divide the total amount of gummies by the total calorie amount. This will get you the calorie number of each gummy bear.

Packaging will also show you the list of ingredients that it contains. So it is helpful if you have allergies to certain foods such as peanuts.

Edible Tip

Tip: If you’re worried about taking too much, use it slowly as the edibles will take longer for effects to kick in.

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How Many Calories Do Edibles Contain?

How long is a string? The question of how many calories an edible contains is not a straightforward answer.

It depends on what ingredients are inside and many other factors. Anyone who can give you a definite answer to this question is merely estimating.

When in doubt, you can ask our friendly customer service staff at Mail Order Marijuana. Our staff will be more than happy to go over these details with you.

Final Thoughts on Calories in Edibles

Edibles have been around for a while and people seem to enjoy them. Like any food, edibles will contain calories.

It is up to your due diligence to make sure an edible product is right for you. Take a look at the nutrition values, cannabis dosage, and calorie amount before buying any edibles.

Also, you can divide the number of edibles you have by the total amount of calories listed on the packaging. It will give the best estimate on how many calories you eat per serving.

At our Canadian dispensary, you can expect to find all kinds of edible products. Take a look around to see what you like!

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