First-time cannabis tips can be found pretty much anywhere you look now. With so much advice from countless people, how exactly would you know which is the right recommendation to follow?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Every experienced marijuana user was once a first-time marijuana smoker and user.

You cannot become great at something without getting started.

If you’re someone who is unsure of the abundance of cannabis facts in the interweb, we have compiled this valuable list of insights by asking experienced marijuana users the question of:

“What Is Your First Time Cannabis Use Tips For Beginners? And What Would You Do Differently If You Could Go Back In Time?”

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Now, go forth and explore what wisdom the experienced people in the cannabis industry has to offer you.

Real Tips for First Time Cannabis Users

“That would be hard to say. What kinda high are you looking for? If you want a high that’s for moving around and being chatty that would be a Sativa weed Strain, if you wanna get stoned and chill, that would be an Indica Strain.

If you want a little of both, that would be a Hybrid. I Like them all because I’m a pothead. Indica is also good for sleep.”


“If you’re looking for pain relief, Indica is the way to go…

My personal favorite is the Gold Seal Hash and afghan hash that Mail Order Marijuana offers!”


“Don’t do it alone for the first few times. You can always take more. Once it’s in you. It’s in you. All you can do is ride it out.

Give it time to work before you take more. If you’re starting with edible, oil, or tincture. 5-10mg is more than enough to start. And wait at least 2 hours before you decide if you need/want more.”


weed edibles

“Smoke with someone who’s done it before even if you have to supply. No edibles till more experienced. Remember you will go back to normal when it wears off. If you get too high eat something sweet and try to sleep.”


“Man… My first time was a big bong… I was like 11 years old, my older cousins made me do it, I coughed so bad… but then I could not stop laughing non-stop.. when it was time to go home I was scared.

My parents smoked weed so I knew they would figure it out.. they actually never gave me that much shit. I would not change a thing!!!

I smashed that bong so good, filled the chamber, cousin let the shotgun hole go that let’s air in the chamber, then told me to pull hard… lol what an a-hole. I wish it was like those first few times.”


boxing match

“If I could go back in time wouldn’t change anything. My first time was watching a boxing match at my cousin’s house. I was 13 he was 21.

He strapped up the six-footer and the rest of my Night I was chair locked with a shit-eating grin on my face. Strains weren’t important to me all those years ago. I got the good shit from his best friend.

He only called it “the Shuuuuuuug” but mostly I got Mexican brick weed. Full of seeds, dirt cheap and part of the times. I miss those days.

I’m both jealous and envious of the younger generation. You guys have it easy with great variety.

On a side note I grow but haven’t smoked in years I’m thinking about rolling up a crispy and blazing again. Prob be like the first time all over.”


“If you’re a smoker, and a first-time cannabis user, go to your local legal dispensary and buy a preroll and enjoy. Make sure to have plenty of Doritos, gummies, and ice cream on hand.”


“1st thing is if you can wait until 18 or older, some younger people have been having reactions to the herb while still under development to their bodies. OK now. I would try it with a good close friend who is schooled in the ways of the herb, and someone who will not let you get all high and then screw with you. Smoke with a close pothead friend and then go from there.”


cannabis use tips

“I would do nothing different. Those first times were the absolute best. Laughing until you can’t laugh anymore. Crazy munchies.. good times”


Good luck, have fun, be safe and make sure you’re with an experienced user. Start with smokeable not edibles.”


“had a m8 who wanted to get stoned, for his first time. He only drank, nothing else recreational.

so, we had a little drink first, then got 1/8 oz, 2 of us smoke one cone each, to every cone he had. he smoked cigarettes, so he inhaled properly thru the bong.

He smoked half our stash, had red eyes, munched out, but wouldn’t admit he was stoned.

A fortnight later, we did the same thing, 2 of us smoked half the bag, he smoked the other half. again, the same reaction, he wouldn’t admit he was stoned, even though he did stoner things.

hey, the gear was good stuff, skunk.

Finally, another fortnight later, we got some hash instead. He had a really tiny amount, first hit and he was on the floor, admitting that he was very stoned…

go figure…. we ended up not smoking all of it in one session.

so, i throw it out there, hash even hash oil. oh, our rules are ‘it’s on the house’ if you’ve never tried it before, and want to. maybe that’s the best thing about your first smoke(s), that last point.”


marijuana flower

“There are a variety of ingestion methods now, edibles are common for people who do not wish to smoke. I would say titration is easiest with smoking because the effects are near immediate.

You can take a toke or two and decide to wait a while and ride it out to the level of comfort desired, or you can easily have one more toke.

Edibles, once you eat it, you’re in for the ride, which is where the “go slow, start low” saying comes from.

If you are smoking, go with flowers, not dabs or cartridges. For a beginner, I like to recommend something with a THC level in the upper teens, the top shelf 28% stuff might be too intense.

I’d also recommend more of an Indica leaning plant considering Sativa leaning plants have a higher tendency to increase heart rate and feelings of paranoia/panic.

With edibles, I generally suggest starting with 5mg edible. It really depends on the person’s experience level with mind altering substances, their fear level of taking Cannabis and also their health-related conditions.

If a person is very worried about taking it and thinking they may overdose (which we know is basically impossible) I will often times give them a placebo at first. If their mind takes over and they think they are tripping, I know it is all mental and Cannabis may not be right for them.

There are many more things I can expand on here, but in a nutshell, hopefully, that helps. Safety first….. hence all the safety meetings”


“If trying for the first time I would go slow until you know the effects of cannabis. Lower the THC until it has effects on you. Everyone is different. Some have a higher tolerance and some can get extremely stoned after 1 hit. Different strains can have different effects.

Some hit ya fast and some can creep up on you. So if your new and smoke a bunch of creeper weed then you might just get too stoned. Sativa can give ya more a head high, Indica more body high, Hybrid you get a mix of Sativa and indica.

Going back in time I would have created hybrids to get higher THC.”


“It doesn’t matter the strain IMHO. If you’re literally just starting, take a couple of puffs and chill. See how you’re feeling. Don’t overdo it. My first time was THE best time ever and I hope yours is too! Welcome to the weed family fam!!!!”


“I would say like Colamaker try low Thc first something like Wreckage X Master Kush a 50% Indica & 50% Sativa Thc level 14% to 18% but a very nice smoke My wife says that it is a very good smoke I am sorry I myself do not puff so I have to use my wife and stepsons experience I just grow and supply them.”

Alpha Toy

“If I could back in time I wouldn’t smoke it as soon as I did haha

Seriously though if you’re under 18 keep consumption to a minimum. Your brain is developing rapidly at this age and no need to dull it with weed lol

Ultimately it’s your choice but I would find something on the weaker side to try it.

I remember smoking some Colombian stuff at 14 and had the strongest trip of my life. Stronger than LSD, mushrooms etc. It was a complete fuck up of reality lol”

Nutty sKunK

“I would use it with someone that has used it before, Have snacks and drinks ready, Have some good music at hand, Don’t overdo it. Tips for newbies.”



“I would recommend a quiet evening with a friend or two that you trust, pick a day where you know you have no plans or commitments the next day, just in case you want to sleep all day.

Have a few big bottles of cold Coca Cola and loads of biscuits and sweets ready (not if you’re diabetic of course)

Besides the munchies, Coca-Cola is also quite good if you should happen to get a bit of a *downer* experience, it’s not dangerous… Just feels like you’re going to die LOL

Good music and/or a fun silly movie (maybe an old Cheech & Chong just for the occasion)”


“my first was a Mexican pure Sativa, me and a girlfriend smoked it and we spent the next 3 hrs laughing at everything. walking was like hammers hitting the back of your legs. we then visited a friend’s house to take cover as everything was making us paranoid, luckily she was in and we spent the rest of the time couch-locked. Mexican magic.

You’re going to be wasted and forget things, objects will look a lot more edible than they really are.
on another point. I’ve been getting screwed up on other people’s floors ever since.”

go go kid

smoking a joint

“I was about 14. I think it was 1967.
I smoked a. joint in the art room at school.
I bought an ounce from. this kid (‘$20) and it was Friday.
What a weekend it was!”


“Control the dose. I’d go with an edible or spray and start low. You can always have more and you want the first experience to be a positive one.”


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