Edibles. It’s great to use in social events as they taste amazing and can be combined with a bunch of food.

Doing some activities while using edibles Canada products can make for an extra fun time. If you have just been sitting down doing nothing while munching on your favorite edible snack, there are actually many fun activities you can do while slowly getting THC effects in your body.

Here are some of the best ways that we have found for you to do while eating edibles!

1 – Hike


Take a hike! With how busy we are with our jobs in the city, it is nice to take a trip out to the wilderness and explore the great outdoors.

We recommend hiking activities with at least one other friend while using cannabis like gummies. This is not only for your safety but it is also more fun when you bring someone along with you!

2 – Watch a Movie


There are many movies you can watch while using edibles. In the past, you could easily just go to the movie theatres.

Due to the current pandemic which has lasted until 2021, this is no longer possible. However, you can still have fun watching some mind-bending movies at home.

Grab some popcorn and go watch that movie today.

3 – Play Board Games

board games

Board games are so underrated these days. Most people seem to enjoy playing games online. 

There are still many kinds of board games that are popular such as Cards Against Humanity or even card games like poker.

When you have your group of friends while eating edibles together, it just makes for a fun time for everyone.

4 – Play Video Games

video games

Now if you prefer not to meet friends in real life, you can also meet them online.

Playing games like league of legends make for an easy way to connect with friends through the internet without leaving your room.

This is great if you are feeling late-night munchies and decide to grab some gummy bear edibles to munch on while playing games.

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5 – Listen to Music


The way you listen to music will be changed when eating edibles. This is because the THC effects will just make your perception of things around you different.

Try to see where the music will take you!

6 – Cook Something New


Getting some THC in you is a good time to experiment with new dishes. Try adding some new ingredients that you don’t usually use to see what taste you come up with.

Or better yet, make your own edibles at home! Be careful not to use too much cannabis or your dosage may be over the roof.

If you decide to buy from our Mail Order Marijuana website instead, we do offer a variety of edibles options to choose from.

7 – Go To The Beach


Relaxing on a beach while slightly high is a great way to spend a sunny day. Get some Vitamin D in your body and breathe fresh air.

Bring some cold drinks to help cool you down and enjoy the rest of your day eating edibles at a beach.

8 – Take a Nap


Nothing is better than taking a good nap after eating some edibles. Depending on what kind of dosage you take, you could get better rest.

For example, Indica strains are great for you to relax and make you sleepy. Don’t take Sativa Strains if you want to sleep because it will give you a boost of energy instead.

9 – Do Crafts

Buy some paint and express yourself by drawing whatever your heart’s desire. 

When the THC high wears off, you can admire the work you have created while eating edibles.

Final Thoughts For Activities While Using Edibles

As you can see, there are many ways for you to have fun while using edibles. Don’t be that boring person who just does nothing while getting high.

What has been your favorite way to use edibles while doing activities? If you have an activity that was not mentioned here, feel free to let us know and we can include it!

If you’re hesitant in buying from us, you can also read reviews on places such as CannabudPost, TheChronFather, or even Pure Green Express. This can give you a better idea of which dispensaries will fit your needs the best!

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