Kratom, also known as mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen plant native to southeast Asia. For centuries, Southeast Asians have consumed kratom for its energy-boosting properties during hard day labor. Kratom has become popular for its pain-relieving properties and opium alternative in the past decade. After the Vietnam War, kratom was introduced by returning soldiers and Asian immigrants in the West.

There are several kratom strains, each causing different effects to the body. Maeng Da is native to Thailand, but there is also a super green Malaysian native to Malaysia. It is dark green and causes long-lasting sedative effects when consumed in higher doses.

The global market for kratom keeps growing every day. Read on to understand its global market.

Segmentation of Kratom

The kratom market is segmented depending on the consumer’s preferences of the kratom strain, price, form, or method of consumption.

Kratom Strains

There are red, green, or white-veined kratom strains in different colors. Each strain differs in potency and causes different effects. The maeng da kratom strain is the most popular because of its high strength and reputation. At the same time, Bali kratom is the most affordable in the market.

Consumption Method

Kratom has so many different ways of consumption. There is kratom tea which you brew just as you do with tea or coffee, where the leaves boil at a specific temperature. The tea has a bitter taste, and to mask it, you add sweeteners like sugar or honey. You can also consume it by mixing kratom powder with food or a beverage, or you could take kratom capsules. They are gaining popularity because you get to avoid kratom’s bitter taste, and there is a low risk of overdose.

Kratom’s Products

Depending on the effects you want to experience and how fast you want to feel them. There are so many forms of kratom you could try. Kratom consumers aiming to treat their skin will use kratom-infused skincare products. Those seeking soothing, sedative, and pain-relieving properties will opt for kratom tea, capsules, or powder.


The price of kratom ranges depends on various factors. Popular kratom strains will be cheaper since they are easily accessible, unlike less popular ones produced in low quantities, making them fetch higher prices. Purchasing kratom online is also more affordable because the vendors have no overhead costs (rent and utilities). The amount and quality also affect the price range.

Restraining Factors

The emergence of kratom into the western market is a relatively new occurrence, unlike its use in Southeast Asia. In the West, the sale of kratom is made online or at herbal stores where they market it as a herbal supplement and medicine, a natural high and alternative to harmful drugs like opium. However, the legality of kratom in the West is complex, one of the restraining factors to its market growth.

There are varying rules and regulations from country to country concerning the utilization and addiction risk of kratom. In countries like Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Finland, and Denmark, kratom is an illegal drug. It is not listed as a schedule 1 controlled substance but falls under the term ‘’psychoactive substances’’ of the psychoactive substances of 2016 in the UK.

The DEA in the US does not recognize any medical benefits of kratom. It bases its stance on a warning issued by the FDA on kratom, indicating that it does not find it safe. Other jurisdictions are considering legislation to regulate, restrict, or prohibit the use of Kratom or to reverse such prohibitions.

Trending Factor in the Kratom Market

In the past, rural Southeast Asian communities used kratom as a traditional medicinal remedy and an energy booster to help improve their work productivity. But in the West, kratom is popular for its many other benefits like treating insomnia, stimulating effects, and as an alternative to opium.

There are several methods of consuming kratom in the West. Users brew tea using kratom leaves by adding acids to enhance the extraction of alkaloids. They also mix kratom powder with food to mask the bitter taste. There are also kratom capsules rising in popularity for their ease of use.

There is also a new trend among young people. They are making kratom cocktails to enhance euphoric effects. Components of this concoction are brewed kratom tea, cough syrup, and coca-cola. Alcoholics also use this kratom cocktail to self-treat their addiction.


Kratom attributes the growth of its global market to factors like increased awareness of the health benefits of kratom. Awareness of kratom’s benefits grows when consumers use online platforms like Reddit to share their experiences after consuming kratom. When they share how kratom has helped them fight fatigue, treat insomnia, and treat their anxiety, they help the market grow as more people become aware of its therapeutic benefits.