Nowadays weed, also known as marijuana and cannabis, is widely used. Maybe you’re worried about an imminent drug test or looking forward to the next season for your game. 

Maybe you’re just interested in knowing more about the way your favorite hobby affects your body. By the way, there are a million reasons to ask, how long does weed stay in the system of an athlete?

Weed has made a positive effect in the field of science, health, and sports. Many athletes take cannabis and are seeing its benefits. It also has some concerns with the health of the player who is using weed. 

So, it is important to know how long does weed stays in the system of an athlete?

There are many factors that affect it. This article will go over what mail order marijuana products can do to you.

Weed Use Overview 

As you know the physic and health of an athlete are different from a normal person so an athlete’s metabolism is faster than a normal. Athletes are much more active than the average person. The more they workout and move, the faster their metabolism works. 

The second factor is the ability of water-consuming and hydration levels. Athletes generally are much more hydrated than the average person. He has an active life than a normal person so he should be more hydrated and because of this water helps to remove the weed compound in the body. 

The water helps flush out the THC from their system at a much faster rate. These two factors activeness and water consumption can assuredly take a few days, or even weeks, off an athlete’s test detectability.

However, the most important contemplation is still how often the athlete smokes. With the help of the lungs, it goes into our bloodstream, and weed is disseminated in the whole body. 

Once anyone smokes THC, it can be recognized after 8 minutes in the body and stay in the body until 3–12 hours after smoking.

For athletes who take a heavy dosage of cannabis or weed, it takes more than a day to wipe out the THC from the body, and for those Athletes who take a minimum amount of weed, it takes 12 hours to flush out from their body.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System

how long does weed stay in your system

Factors that determine the length of time if the weed stays in an athlete system:

Before starting, it is necessary to first understand that cannabis affects everyone differently. There’s no one accurate answer to how long it stays in an athlete system. Just because a variety of factors determine the rate at which it leaves your body. 

In this part, we’ll be discussing five popular factors that affect how long it stays in your system.

Frequency of Use

This is the single most important factor individuals who consume cannabis for the first time can expect it to remain in their systems for about three days. 

However, daily cannabis users may have cannabinoids detectable in their systems for thirty days or more. For those who consume cannabis such as the Ortega strain or Apricot Kush about 3-4 times a week, the window of detection is closer to a week after last use.

Consumption Method

How you consume cannabis has a lot to do with how long it will stay in your body. Smoking weed will get a user high within a matter of minutes, while edibles take longer to metabolize.

But if you make edibles, you can expect them to stick around longer.

Body Composition

THC is a lipid-soluble chemical, so it absorbs fat in the body that makes THC a bit tougher to get rid of. The weight of an individual’s and the process of metabolism play a role in the time it takes for cannabis to leave your system. 

If your body fat level is higher, then you will experience a slower metabolism. In this way, your body may require longer to break down cannabis.


Purple Space Cookies Strain

Cannabis with higher levels of THC takes longer to metabolize. The weed is powerful, the more time it requires to break down in your system.

The picture you see above is our popular Purple Space Cookies Strain. It has a bud grade of AAAA and one of the strongest strains you can use!

Type of Drug Test

The process of detection also depends on the kind of drug test taken. Urine tests can detect cannabis between 3 and 30 days after use.

For saliva tests, it’s around 24 hours to 72 hours after use or even 8 days later, as in one study.

Blood tests can only detect THC for 3-4 hours after use.

These are the main factors to be aware of, cannabis detected, and if you were wondering whether there is a way to help cannabis metabolize faster, you would be out of luck.

You can only speed up the process by lowering the concentration of THC in the body, or by speeding up your metabolism and there is not a reliable way to do that.

For a great many people, however, THC ought to be gone or be at low levels in the body following 30 days. For rare clients, it very well maybe 10 days or less. 

However, since there is certifiably not a solitary, exact approach to foresee when weed will leave your framework, keep this five-factor in your brain.

Benefits of Weed for An Athlete Player

Weed is good for a player to relieve stress and give relaxation. This is one of the numerous reasons why players love to utilize grass or cannabis. 

But over-use of weed can have negative effects on a player’s life and can also reduce energy and efficiency.

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