Did you know? Greenhouse VS Indoor Quality for cannabis DOES have its differences. What’s the Reason Why Indoor-Grown Is Better Than Greenhouse Cannabis?

If you’re just starting out on using cannabis, you may not even be aware that there are differences in the way cannabis is grown.

Which method of cannabis cultivation is better? This all depends on the type of cannabis quality and how much you are willing to spend.

Let me explain.

Indoor, Greenhouse, or Outdoor Cannabis 

Before we start, here’s a quick overview of the main differences between greenhouse and indoor-grown cannabis.

Greenhouse – Cannabis are grown in a space that is made out of glass or translucent materials. This will help give the natural sunlight that the cannabis plants all deserve. It also protects your cannabis plants from the harsh elements of the outside world. 

Indoor-grown – Cannabis is grown in an enclosed space such as a warehouse building. In the same way, outside elements cannot damage your previous cannabis plants. You have total control over the growing environment.

Which should you choose?

Cannabis has been growing in the outdoors for centuries. This is how cannabis growers started and it has certainly evolved over the years.

With emerging laws surrounding cannabis that arose, it has led to growers having to find other solutions. This is why people in certain areas grow more cannabis indoors, mainly due to the laws surrounding growing the plant in the region.

When countries such as Uruguay and Canada legalized cannabis, this all changed. The best method of cannabis cultivation is largely based on where you live and how much money you have to spend.

At Mail Order Marijuana, we believe that all our customers should only get high-quality products that are indoor grown

Most of our competitors choose to go the cheaper route and do greenhouse-grown cannabis. However, we choose to invest in better indoor-grown cannabis so that our customers are all happy.

Indoor Grown Cannabis

indoor grown vs greenhouse cannabis

This is the method of cannabis cultivation that we use at Mail Order Marijuana. It is a tried and proven way to grow cannabis and is very much well established.

With indoor-grown weed, it gives you absolute control over the growing environment such as lights, airflow, humidity, and temperature. 

Also, growing indoors allows you to yield a higher THC percentage. This level of control allows for a stronger and more potent strain to be grown.

The downside to indoor-grown cannabis is that the plants may be smaller and have a lower terpene profile. This is just due to not being able to replicate the true rays of the sun.

It also costs much more as you need a lot of electricity for artificial lighting, ventilation, and heating.

According to New Frontier Data, they found that indoor-grown cannabis consumes 18x more energy than growing weed outdoors.

Here’s a quick summary of how much energy each method of cannabis cultivation will use:

  • Indoor grown = 1.2705 kWh/g (highest energy used)
  • Greenhouse = 0.9365 kWh/g
  • Outdoor grown = 0.0696 kW/g

Outdoor Grown Cannabis

Even if you can fully replicate the natural growing elements in an indoor setting, there will always be differences when you grow cannabis outdoors.

Even though outdoor-grown cannabis takes the longest to grow, the marijuana plants will usually have a richer terpene profile and result in nicer-looking buds. 

It is also the least expensive way to grow cannabis. No additional lighting or heating costs are needed. Just the good old sunlight and soil.

In comparison, indoor-grown cannabis cost just $1 to $3 a gram to grow. Outdoor-grown cannabis can only cost as low as $0.25 up to a maximum of $0.70 a gram.

However, outdoor-grown cannabis will expose you to many harsh elements that you have no control of. 

Many days of bad weather or cold temperatures may cause your crop to die out. There are also pests that may come into contact with your cannabis flowers that you do not want. 

Greenhouse Grown Cannabis

If you are undecided between indoor or outdoor-grown cannabis, greenhouse-grown cannabis is a good middle ground.

In fact, most dispensaries offer products that are greenhouse-grown. They are just much cheaper than indoor-grown products and also give a consistent cannabis quality that customers can accept.

New technologies have really allowed greenhouse-grown crops to be an affordable way to grow cannabis.

The downside of greenhouse-grown cannabis is that sunlight is still needed. So this really impacts how much cannabis crop you can grow in a year.

Indoor Grown VS Greenhouse Grown – Which Should You Buy?

You can see that there are differences in the way cannabis is grown and how it can affect its quality.

So which should you buy?

At Mail Order Marijuana, we offer indoor-grown cannabis at an unbeatable price. Even though it does cost more to produce, we sell our cannabis products at similar prices as greenhouse-grown products that our competitors sell.

It all comes down to how much you can spend on cannabis. However, since our indoor-grown cannabis products are set at an affordable price, it is an easy choice to buy indoor-grown from our Canadian dispensary. 

Reason Why Indoor-Grown Is Better Than Greenhouse Cannabis

At Mail Order Marijuana, we really care about the products that our customers will receive.

We sell the highest quality indoor-grown products at the lowest prices. Here is our promise to you:

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  • 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied
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