Edibles are a popular way to consume and experience the effects of cannabis. 

At our dispensary, customers often ask which type of edible is the best one. While we would love to give you a direct answer, the truth is that it depends entirely on the individual.

If you are someone who prefers to use cannabis before sleeping, then an Indica-dominant edible will be right for you. If you prefer using it to get energized, the Sativa-dominant edible will be the way to go.

Other factors such as body type and tolerance levels will also affect which kinds of edibles Canada products to choose. On top of that, you will also need to learn about the differences between infused and non-infused edibles.

What is a sprayed edible? What is an infused one? Which should I pick?

Not to worry! We will cover these topics in our article “The Main Differences Between Infused and Non-Infused Edibles.”

Sit back, relax, and learn some information!

Difference Between Infused and Non-Infused Edibles

infused edibles

Not every edible product is created in an equal manner. This does not only apply to how it tastes!

While some edibles are infused, others are coated or sprayed (non-infused).

Essentially, infused edibles are coated with cannabis inside. Non-infused edibles are just coated with cannabis on their outside.

Even though both methods contain cannabis, the infusion method will result in differences in marijuana effects such as its medicinal benefits.

Non-Infused Edibles & Benefits

Non Infused edibles are attractive due to how easy it is to make. They are also cheaper to make than infused edibles. 

To make non-infused edibles, you simply just spray or coat the food (such as gummies, cookies, or brownies) with THC Distillate or CBD oil.

In other words, you roll your gummy bears over this mixture of sugar and cannabis oil. This gives you non-infused edibles.

A lot of edible brands actually use this method to make edibles. The problem is figuring out which company uses quality materials.

Using poor manufacturers will affect the potency and quality, resulting in a poor user experience for the customer.

Benefits of Non-Infused Edibles

The only real benefit here is to the manufacturers, where the cost of making these edibles are cheaper.

However, this does not mean the lower cost would translate to lower prices for customers. Be wary of companies selling non-infused edibles as the infused version.

For a consumer-like yourself, it will give you an effect that is not as strong as you want it to be. Stick to infused edibles to experience THC and CBD in all their glory.

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Infused Edibles & Benefits

Infused edibles have all undergone a tedious process of inserting THC or CBD inside a food product. 

During this step, the chosen cannabis strains are grinded and baked. This will start the decarboxylation process that happens in THC, bringing out the psychoactive effects. 

As for CBD, it will bring out medicinal effects.

Butter or oil has to be used for infusion purposes. Alternatives can include using coconut oil or even making cannabutter.

You can then cook your edibles such as gummies and brownies with your butter or oil.

Benefits of Infused Edibles

Benefits of Infused Edibles

1 – Accurate Dosage

When you test an infused edible on its dosage, you will find that it will be more accurate compared to non-infused edibles.

Take our Twisted Extract products found here, for example, all their dosages are 100% accurate. You won’t have to worry about how much THC or CBD is in each of our products.

2 – Lasts Longer

If you want an edible with a long shelf life, you should only choose infused edibles. It has cannabis properties inside that will make it fresh for a longer time.

The same cannot be said for non-infused edibles, where it will go bad faster.

Take a look at the places that sell edibles in Canada. See if they have infused edibles written on their packaging.

3 – More Potent

Since infused edibles are not just coated with cannabis on the outside, they are usually more potent.

As a result, you can achieve euphoric or medicinal effects for a longer period of time after digestion takes place.

Edible Survey – Which Is Popular?

In 2019, a survey was done to see which types of edibles were consumed. Through the chart, you can see the demand for types of edibles can vary and what makes them so popular.

edibles popularity chart

Remember, as long as you choose an edible that has the same potency and cannabis dosage, it does not matter which kind you eat.

Some people prefer eating brownies, others like gummies more. There is no right or wrong here.

Final Thoughts on Infused and Non-Infused Edibles

Like all cannabis products, you want to start using them slowly in low quantities. Don’t just eat the entire pack of gummies on your first go.

By trying out different kinds of edibles, you can slowly but surely find the right one for your own needs.

When buying edibles, always take note of what kind of process has gone on to make these products. 

These days, there are many forms of edibles in the market. While it is the job of the dispensary to sell good products, not every company does that.

Some businesses are more money-driven and may result in selling low-quality products that are not as potent. 

Also, even if an edible says “Infused,” it could just mean that it was sprayed or coated with cannabis. Don’t get misled and pay a premium for these kinds of products.

At Mail Order Marijuana, we only sell the best-infused edibles in Canada. Working closely with our supplier has allowed us to give you the best pricing without sacrificing the quality of the products.

Buy from us today and choose from our selection of weed edibles!