Society influences one’s lifestyle and beliefs and helps to shape and create their culture. Thus, social interactions are fundamental factors resulting from everyday communications between people and their surroundings. It not only helps to build voluntary and involuntary interpersonal relationships among individuals or groups but also helps one to cope with several stressful situations, providing social backing.

These interactions, along with genetic factors, help to create the personality patterns of a given individual. As a result, everybody has a unique personality with different qualities and characteristics. Thus, for some, going out with friends, peers, and even strangers, preferring outward activities, and working with teams is fun, while for others, these can be dreading chores. The former is called an extrovert, and the latter is known as an introvert. At the same time, people with both traits in balanced or in a mixed manner are called ambiverts.

Being in a society, one cannot avoid social situations, making it a problematic issue for introverts. It not only can affect them in attaining success but also can hamper their wellbeing. Thus, to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling during social events, introverted people practice relaxation techniques or take the help of several supplements. Moreover, people prefer the quickest solutions to their problems in a fast-pacing time. Thus, obama runtz is one of the trending consumables used among introverts that may help overcome these feelings of apprehension in social situations. Let us read on to find more about it:

Understanding Obama Runtz

Obama Runtz is a renowned, rare cannabis strain that has recently gained popularity for its potential health benefits. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, with 14%-18% THC levels and less than 2% CBD. It contains a three-way combination of Runtz (Zkittlez and Gelato), Afghani, and OG Kush. It has dense, long, grape-shaped green nugs with an intense neon color appearance. Furthermore, its color varies from purple and pink in summer, with deeper shades like black-purple in the fall. The feminized seeds which produce feminine plants germinate to form Obama Runtz.

With pruning, one can grow them indoors and outdoors and yield better in warm, semi-humid temperatures. Studies showed its strain yield is 16 ounces per plant when grown indoors and 18 ounces outdoors.

It has a unique flavor and aroma. Its aroma hints at rich, earthly flowers and herbs like a breath of tea. While exhaling, one may taste sweet cherry-berry that feels like a woodsy, herbal mist.

Besides its possible health benefits, this stain is famous for its potentially energizing and inspiring properties, which can produce motivating and creative effects calming the anxious mind.

Improving Social Skills With Obama Runtz

An introverted person is reserved and likes to stay alone. Even the thought of social interactions can sometimes be very apprehensive for them. Thus, they get more nervous when a situation demands social interactions, predicting the worst possible outcomes. Obama Runtz might be the ideal solution for them. The presence of THC in its strains may help reduce stress and anxiety, building their confidence to meet social situations. Let’s find out how.

  • Might Help In Dealing With Stress

Stress has become a problem among millennials and adults. Obama Runtz has potential therapeutic effects that give one a sense of euphoria. It might relax the body from the constant conflict resulting from numerous stressors providing a soothing effect. It might help reduce stress by promoting endorphins, suppressing cortisol release, and enhancing mood. Thus, as soon as one exhales, it might buzz the brain with sociability and chattiness.

  • Might Help With Anxiety

In this competitive world, constant feelings of apprehension are not uncommon. But sometimes, the worries become disproportionate, intense, and persistent, hampering one’s ability to interact or perform daily activities properly. Obama Runtz might help with this anxiety by activating bodies parasympathetic nervous regulation, easing the continuous fear. In turn, the terpenes inside might produce a calming effect by potentially releasing an introvert from the constant terror of being judged or labeled.

  • It Might Help In Building Confidence

Releasing serotonin can boost willpower, a sense of purpose, and self-esteem, making the person confident in social events. Most introverts fear public speaking, making friends, or voicing their opinions. The individuals are extraordinarily self-analytical and self-critical, and by magnifying their failure too much, they often suffer from an inferiority complex. It might be due to their lack of confidence in themselves which they might overcome easily with the aromatic and tasty treat of Obama Runtz.

Other Potential Benefits

This strain may provide several other medical and therapeutic benefits as well. Some of them are below:

  • It has potentially soothing properties and may be helpful for relaxation and muscle soreness. It may be an ideal substitute for traditional medications and may provide relief by alleviating chronic pain without causing any side effects.
  • It has potential appetite-building properties. By boosting up the digestion process, it may help people to gain back their appetite.
  • With the presence of terpene in its strains, with proper dosage, it may also help people dealing with ulcerative colitis, providing a soothing effect when conventional treatments fail to deliver the required results.
  • Mood swings can be tiresome when one has to deal with them continuously. With proper dosage, these indica dominant strains may help with this problem by releasing dopamine in the brain, thus keeping the person happy.
  • It may also help to kick away the fatigue. Proper dosage may help lift one from tension and worries by releasing adequate dopamine for excitement or serotonin for relaxation.

Besides, this hybrid strain may be used for better focus or concentration, boosting productivity. It may give the mind freedom from its negative feedback loop, relax the nervous system, and allow the mind to function more efficiently.


Often you can hear people quote the famous saying that humans are social animals who cannot stay alone. It is quite true as even though some people might find it challenging to be in social situations, social interactions are inevitable. However, being an introvert is not a light issue to be tossed aside. Numerous people struggle to balance their life being introverts while adapting to act and interact appropriately in social events. These situations can be pretty fearful, awkward, and torturous for them. Thus, Obama Runtz, with its distinctive aroma, flavourful taste, and potent effects, became a popular choice among introverts, potentially helping them with the required boost to face social situations. With this new hybrid, introverted people may gain confidence to overcome social anxiety.