On the 17th of October in 2018 cannabis was finally declared legal in Canada for both recreational and medicinal use under the federal Cannabis Act. With this act people were now able to purchase, consume, posses and cultivate cannabis and cannabis products, including edibles, in Canada.


Edibles have long been an extremely popular method of consumption of cannabis, with the earliest mention of an edible dating to around 2000 BCE in India. This cannabis-infused drink, which is the official drink of the Holi festival, is known as Bhang and is made from yogurt, nuts, spices, ghee and rose water. This drink is often used by holy people to induce a meditative, trance-like state.
The first cannabis edible recipe to appear in the West dates to the 1960s from a cookbook written by Alice B. Toklas and was dubbed “Hashish Fudge”. Funny enough, the original recipe for “Hashish Fudge” does not actually contain any hashish at all, although hashish can most definitely be used, nor is it technically “fudge”, a type of sugar candy that is made by mixing sugar, butter and milk, cooking it on the stove to the soft-ball stage. Toklas’s recipe is more akin to a traditional cannabis treat that hails from one of the hash capitals of the world, Morocco.


As with most things that passes through the government’s hands, edibles now needed to be standardized and regulated. Ultimately it was decided that edibles in Canada must follow these rules:

– Label the THC/CBD content
– Must not be appealing to youth
– Each package can contain up to 10mg of THC

Yes you read that correctly! Not 10mg per piece, but for the entire package! While the first two are easy to understand, cannabis edibles should always be kept stored safely away from children and pets, many were upset with the considerably low amount of THC allowed per package.


For the average recreational user 10mg is likely plenty. Most folks can still functional relatively easily while still catching a nice buzz without going fully “cannatonic” and having to deal with the ensuing chaos that comes along with consuming too much THC, we all have known someone who has indulged a little too much and ended up on the wild ride of a high that comes along with consuming too much THC. 10 is also an easy number to work with and makes dosing your edibles very easy. If 10mg is too much, simply cut that in half to get 5mg.

According to Tammy Jarbeau, a spokesperson for Health Canada “Among the proposals set out in the November 2017 consultation paper, it was proposed that a limit of 10 milligrams of THC per dose or unit for any cannabis product intended for ingestion be established, which most respondents supported”. Because of the delayed onset of effects and variances in tolerance and response to an edible high this, according to the experts, seems to be the safest route to go down.

However, this extremely, and some would call “overly”, cautious approach leaves some users out of the equation all together, namely long-time medicinal users. Most medicinal users have worked their way up to high dosages in the triple digits to help manage ailments such as chronic, acute pain and it just isn’t very logical or cost-effective for them to be purchasing multiple packs of 10mg edibles. If a single pack of 10mg gummies costs $6 at a government dispensary you would have to spend $60 before taxes to get to the 100mg mark! For those taking 100mg+ doses that can add up extremely quick.


Instead of heading over to the government stores to buy edibles, most people have continued to buy from their tried and true mail order dispensaries. Mail order dispensaries are able to sell edibles at a much more reasonable price and in dosages that can go over 1000mg per package! Perfect for the more experienced edibles user. If you happen to fall into the more-seasoned category continuing to support your small mom-and-pop mail order dispensaries over the government dispensaries is the best way to get your edibles!

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