Selling edibles in Canada is a practice that has only been around for a few years.

Before October 17, 2018, residents of Canada could not buy or sell cannabis in the country. This included all forms of marijuana such as cannabis strains, weed concentrates, edibles, and CBD products.

Nowadays, you can easily shop around from online dispensaries or retail stores to buy your edibles.

Every brand sells edibles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Popular ones include edibles in the form of gummies, chocolate, and brownies.

As the laws surrounding cannabis in general change, dispensaries such as Mail Order Marijuana have to adapt as well.

This article will go over some of the common questions of selling edibles in Canada. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out and ask!

When Do Edibles Become Legal in Canada

As of June 2021, edibles in Canada are already legal to buy and sell.

The legalization of cannabis first came about in October of 2018. A few months later, edibles were being sold in dispensaries around the country.

You really have to be careful when buying edible products online. There are many weed shops claiming to sell the best weed at the cheapest prices. However, this does not mean their bud quality is top-tier.

Take a look at our chart on how to view bud grade quality in cannabis strains. It ranges from the lowest tier called “A” all the way up to the highest tier weed called “AAAA+.”

cannabis bud grading

Luckily for you, Mail Order Marijuana has bud-grade qualities listed on all our products. This makes for an easy shopping experience for you at all times.

By buying from us, you are getting cannabis products that have been tested to ensure quality. All our cannabis is also grown locally in British Columbia and will be packaged professionally by our staff.

If you buy from an unknown weed shop, the quality control may not be there and you risk purchasing bad weed which could make you sick.

When Will Edibles Be Available in Canada?

To answer this question, you can read the paragraph above. Edibles are now available to purchase in Canada.

However, there are some regulations on edibles Canada that you have to remember.

1 – THC Limits

Canadian law states that each edible product cannot contain more than 10 mg of THC. Always look at packaging labels before buying edibles of any kind.

2 – Limits of Caffeine

Caffeine cannot be added to edibles. The only exception to this is if the food or drink already contains this ingredient.

For example, cannabis-infused coffee can contain caffeine.

3 – Good Shelf Life

edibles shelf life

Properly made edibles will have a good shelf life. It must be stable enough that you don’t need to refrigerate the edible.

However, storing edibles away from sunlight in air-tight containers is always a good way to lengthen its shelf life.

Selling Cannabis Edibles Legally in Canada

For those wondering about how to sell edibles legally in Canada, there are some steps involved.

Since the laws around marijuana are always changing, be sure to read up on the most up-to-date materials. This will prepare you for any unforeseen circumstances surrounding the topic of selling cannabis edibles.

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Final Thoughts on Selling Edibles in Canada

As cannabis becomes more of a norm in Canada, more dispensaries will pop up to sell you edibles. 

While it is their job to make sure the edibles are of high quality, you also have a responsibility to do your own research.

Don’t just buy from the first dispensary you see. Read some reviews of other Canadian dispensaries like CannabudPost, TheChronFather, or even Pure Green Express.

Canada has made it harder for businesses to sell cannabis. So, not just anyone can do it.

If you rather leave the hard work of running a dispensary to us, you can buy edibles online from Mail Order Marijuana.

Our customers are always amazed at the quality of edibles. We are also carrying more house-brand edibles to give you a larger selection of weed products to choose from. 

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