With Christmas coming up and the holiday season in full swing, you want to already think about what would be the best gift for some of your stoner friends. Well, for that reason we want to list some coolest gift ideas and smoking accessories that you can give back to your friends or family. So think ahead and do your Christmas shopping while you can! In this article, we will list our top 10 smoking gifts that you can give for 2021!

  1. Water Bong

Every pothead needs a nice fat bong. This filtration device is the best way to enjoy nice herbs. These devices are also the best way to enjoy the smoke because the water acts as a natural barrier. A more technical term would be a percolator. These are also the best cost-wise, as you don’t need a lot to get really high. Bongs are not always the cheapest thing to get, considering how big they can get. So getting a nice bong for your favourite stoner will surely be a great gift.

  1. Pipe 

Pipes are a super-portable way to enjoy weed and they are one of the most used items in the culture. These are very easy to set up and enjoy anywhere you go. Also, you can hide these little pipes anywhere and go around with one won’t pose a risk. They are usually on the cheap side but even with a pipe you can go all out and get one that has different fun options. Maybe a classic clean design or a colourful glow in the dark scheme. In any case, you can get something creative and interesting which will make a great gift. 

  1. Rolling Tray

rolling tray

A rolling tray is a great gift for any smoker as this can greatly help reduce wasted herb. This item will keep your house clean and your smoking add-ons in one place, so this is a great gift. You can also find cool and fun designs for different people and you can go all out with maybe bamboo or a led custom rolling tray. In any case a great gift. 

  1. Vape

A marijuana vape pen or a vaporizer can also be a great gift for those who want to smoke on the go. These are good as they give you a nice clean hit with no burnt herb. What stays in the vape can be later used to make some nice edibles. These can also get expensive and with different features so choose well!

You can go to the following link if you want to see more of your favourite glass pieces and vaporizers.

  1. Dab Rigs

A dab rig us for the more experienced pothead. Dab kits can get crazy expensive and complicated so getting one can be a great gift. Especially if you want to teach someone how to dab and how the process works you can get really high with them. Great gift but be aware that you need to know what you’re getting. 

  1. Dab Pens

Maybe even a better gift for those dabbing beginners. Dab pens are small high tech devices that allow you to smoke smoking vaping wax products that you or your friends have. These are super portable and there are multiple variants so choose well!

  1. Grinder

A grinder is always a good gift! There are a lot of different options and grinders on the market. In various colours, shapes or materials. The flower needs to be finely grinded up for that perfect blunt and smooth joint. In any case, getting a fancy multiple compartment grinder is a great Christmas gift!

  1. Containers or Stash Jars

stash jars

You see your loved ones keeping their stashes in plastic bags or just on their trays. Weed if not smoked will get a bit drier which can lead to some potency loss, so get them a nice stash jar that will keep their weed nice and fresh. In addition to having it in one place and not losing it so easily. You can also customize these and get them something that reflects their personality. 

  1. Lighter

A lighter is a classic option for a classic gift. A nice expensive lighter is a real token of appreciation and it’s a great gift. Maybe you can get a set of lighters for that friend who keeps them losing all the time or a fancy one for that friend who will keep it forever, a lighter is a super cool option.

  1. Edibles

We kept this one for the last as this could potentially be the best one. A nice edible will taste amazing and will bring them a nice trip. You could go fancy and get some cookies or maybe even make them the cookies yourself. These can be quite different from smoking or vaping so if you have someone that hasn’t tried eating THC products, this is the way to go. This will surely make a memorable Christmas. 

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