What are THC Oil and its dosage benefits? How would it affect an individual after consumption? These are just some of the questions you might be asking about the THC oil topic.

Not to worry because we will be going over in our thorough guide on cannabis dosage, benefits, and effects.

Summary of THC Oil

THC oil is essentially the extraction of marijuana plants. They are highly concentrated and also referred to as “resins.” 

The many methods used to extract these cannabis oils will go on to make all kinds of cannabis products that either shatter like glass or crumble into powder.

There are also many kinds of reasons you may want to use THC oil, depending on what you are using it for.

By understanding its effects better, you can use this to your advantage on what kinds of problems it can treat. 

The Types of THC Oil Available

THC oil has a unique aroma that smells like a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. The potency and flavour will depend on what kind of cannabis it is, whether they are Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or more of a hybrid.

There are also cases where topicals and tinctures are known as cannabis oil. Although this is not common, it still exists.

Before buying any THC oil product, be sure to verify the exact packaging and product of what you are buying to avoid misunderstandings.

Solvent-Based THC Oil 

The following are just some of the cannabis oil extracts that are solvent-based. In other words, it is made from using a volatile chemical that can dissolve the cannabinoids to separate it from the marijuana plant. 

The solvent is then evaporated to leave behind the sought-after delicious trichomes.

CO2 oil


The CO2 oil uses the extraction process of carbon dioxide. This is commonly found in vape cartridges such as the THC Vape Pen.


If you are looking for a pure form of cannabis, look no further. The distillate has got you covered. The distillate has been stripped of everything to leave nothing but the cannabinoids. 

Various ways to use distillates include vaping, edibles, or sublingually. 


BHO is known as hydrocarbon extracts. This butane hash oil is extracted by using the butane solvent, hence its name.

The typical form of BHO is crumble, wax, and shatter weed. 

Solventless THC Oil 

A solventless THC oil extract is done without using any chemical solvents whatsoever. As an alternative, they are extracted using a machine to ensure the highest and purest form of THC.

Ice water hash

Ice water hash, also known as ice wax or bubble hash, is made up of a collection of trichomes. They are made by using ice-cold water, hence its name. 

Dry sift

Dry sifts, also known as kief, are made of a group of trichome glands which has been taken from cured marijuana. 

These are added to cannabis strains for a potency enhancement, or pressing it into a live resin.


Rosin is like BHO without the chemicals. It is commonly used for smoking or vaping. 

THC Oil Uses

Due to its higher potency compared to other cannabis products, it can often provide instant relief to a variety of symptoms and conditions. These include depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

Let’s go over some of the more common uses for THC oil.

1 – Pain


Cannabis is used by many people for pain management. It is a great option to use on top of other medications that a doctor may prescribe you.

With the powerful effects of THC oil, it can give you instant relief! Whether you have anxiety or feeling pain in your body, cannabis can benefit you in one way or another.

Take the time to smoke a joint or eat some edibles, they really do work.

2 – Seizures

If you are looking for a fast way to help with seizures, we recommend vaping the THC oil.

By using vape products, you can easily inhale the cannabis oil without any smell, giving you immediate effects of relaxation and relief.

For those who prefer not to get high off cannabis, using CBD-only vaping options are also a good option for seizures. 

3 – Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety. It just depends on what kind of situation you are placed into. However, some people experience anxiety more often than the common person.

CBD oil has shown to give people with anxiety a good dose of calmness. Studies have also shown that CBD will help with PTSD and help you have better sleep at night.

4 – Cancer

Many people have pushed to make cannabis oil an official medicine for cancer. Although it has not been scientifically proven, cannabis oils have shown to attach these cancer cells.

The Rick Simpson oil, for example, is used by many people for reasons such as cancer. If you’re wondering where to buy rick simpson oil, we have got you covered at our mail order weed dispensary in Canada.

How To Use THC Oil Effectively 

how to use thc oil

To really use THC oil in a good way, you need to know the ideal dosage to take. 

If you take too much, you may get too much cannabis in you at once and lead to unwanted anxiety or even paranoia. If you take too little, you will not experience the desired effect as nothing will be felt.

The most common way to use THC oil is by vaping or eating it through edibles. Unless you are a pro-cannabis user that has been doing it for years, you should always start low and go slow.

Remember that cannabis oils are more potent and pack more punch compared to other weed concentrates.

Here are some factors that can affect how much dosage to take:

  • Your weight
  • Body metabolism
  • Genetics
  • Treatment type
  • Kind of CBD product 

Your friend may tolerate cannabis oil better than you. It does not mean that you are weaker. Everyone has a different tolerance and we should not compare with others.

When you use cannabis oil, it will usually stimulate your mind and body. Personally, I also know that it will make you crave food and water.

Also, be sure that any medication you take will not counteract with cannabis oil. This is especially important and should be discussed with your personal doctor.

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