What is live resin? The quick answer is: Live resin is a type of weed concentrate. While it is not one of the more famous cannabis types, more people are beginning to take a liking to it. 

The live resin is filled with a highly potent concentrate that is 100% natural. Ideal to add into part of your cannabis routine in any situation.

What is Live Resin Weed

When the live resin weed is in the harvesting stage, the marijuana plant will experience all sorts of things that can change how it is tasted.

Like all cannabis concentrate that you buy from any mail order marijuana store, its potency and aroma will slowly fade away over time. So it is important to use your fresh cannabis as soon as possible or store it in the appropriate way.

Live rosin is a product that has to be frozen in a fast manner right after harvesting. This is done to help preserve the natural terpenes that can easily be lost.

Live Resin VS Shatter

By doing this, it results in high terpenes level compared to weed concentrates like shatter or wax.

It is also filled with more natural flavours that will fill your nose and taste buds with delight. It just makes the smoking or vaping experience much more fun and tasty.

There is a reason why freezing the live resins right away is so important.

Just take a look at how Egyptians mummified the dead. While it can take up to seventy, they start the embalming and wrapping process right away. 

You can really see how these mummies are preserved for thousands of years as a result.

In the same way, when live resins are frozen correctly, they can be stored for a period of time and still taste just as fresh as when you bought it the first day.

How To Make Live Resin

Did you know? When you cure your cannabis buds, it is relatively easy to destroy up to 60% of its natural terpenes.

The curing process is pretty harsh to your cannabis plants. If done in a rough manner, most of your terpenes and plant compounds will be gone before it even reaches your mouth.

This is why live resins skip the drying and curing process completely. Instead, the cannabis harvest is frozen right away.

The reason why the drying process exists is so the cannabis can remove any moisture that has been gathered. It is done during the cultivation stage to prevent terpenes from evaporating away. 

However, like mentioned above, the negative effect of doing this is that some terpenes will be lost along the way.

Typically, your live resins will have a fruity and spicy flavor that packs a punch to your smoking experience.

Live Resin Process Infographic

Here is a quick overview of how to make live resins.

How To Make Live Resin

Live Rosin – What Does it Look Like?

Just like any other cannabis product, live rosins come in many different forms. It is also important to remember that a live resin has a higher terpenes level, making it smell unique. 

This is what gives it a boost of enhanced aromas and higher medical benefits to those who use it for medical reasons. 

Evidence has also shown that terpenes do have an impact on physiological effects. In other words, it will provide you with calming feelings and pain relief.

In terms of consistency, live rosins are also “looser.”

When you buy shatter online in Canada, you will also notice that this form of cannabis is more glass-like and fragile. In this sense, live rosins and shatter are complete opposites from each other. 

The high terpenes in rosins are what makes it more “runny.” The malleable form is similar to maple syrup or sauce that has been in the fridge for a while. 

Vaping Live Resin

vape live resin

Can you vape live weed resin? Yes, yes you can.

In fact, you can vape live resins using a vape pen of your choice or even through dabbing. By inhaling the vapours filled with rich terpenes, you will definitely feel its amazing effects in the most surreal way.

Vaping live rosins is also great in the sense that you can do it discreetly. It does not have a smell and is easy to carry with you.

Thinking of having a quick hit of live rosins? Simply step outside and vape away. No one will even bat an eye.

How To Smoke Live Resin

If you insist on smoking weed concentrates like live resin, it works in a similar manner as vaping.

The main difference is you will be inhaling smoke instead of just heating the vape device.

When smoking live resins, you should always do so in a well-ventilated area as the smell can certainly be overwhelming (in a good way).

How Much Are Live Resins in Canada

While price will vary depending on which dispensary you buy from, the general consensus is that this product is more expensive than other cannabis types.

The reason being that it is just packed with cannabis and highly potent. You don’t have to use a lot of live resins to get the THC effects you need. The quality of the live resin will also play a role in the price. Our live resin products are priced at $38 per gram. However, we do have a savings breakdown.

Simply put, the more grams you buy, the cheaper the overall price will be.

Check out our chart below for more information.

Price Breakdown:

1g – $38 per gram

7g – $34 per gram

14g – $30 per gram

28g – $26 per gram + FREE NECTAR COLLECTOR

Sunset Sherbet Live Resin

You can take a look at our Indica-dominant Sunset Sherbet Live Resin. When you use our quality live resins, it will bring out the creative potential in you that will spice up any occasion.

Does Resin Get You High

Considering that live resins are highly potent, it will get you high as a kite.

Start slow when using this weed concentrate or you might take too much by accident.

Where To Buy Live Resins Canada

At our mail-order marijuana store in Canada, we grow all our cannabis products locally from the Kootenays. We pride ourselves on giving the best cannabis at affordable prices.

We always offer the best price guarantee and free shipping Canada-wide over $99.

If you are looking to buy good live resin products, you have come to the right place!

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