THC gummies is a cannabis product that a lot of people love. It contains THC, which is the chemical that makes you “high.”

In other words, the more THC gummies you consume, the more you will feel its euphoric effects.

This is what will alter the thoughts and feelings of your body. When used excessively, it can lead to a change in perception and give you hallucinations for a long time.

When THC is used, your brain will start to release some dopamine. While this is what makes you high, there are also benefits to using THC products.

For one, reducing anxiety and pain is a medicinal benefit of using THC. On top of this, it can help with ADHD, autism, Parkinson’s, and more.

The THC Gummies Overview

There are many kinds of marijuana edibles Canada on the market today. One such product is the THC gummies like Mail Order Marijuana’s Indica Apple flavored gummy or Sativa Cherry flavored gummy.

gummies edibles

Additionally, we also have many other THC gummies which can be found here.

It is a popular way of using cannabis, given how easy it is to consume in a discreet and safe manner.

You want to remember that the cannabis in edibles has been processed in a way that is different from cannabis strains for smoking.

Edibles that have been consumed have to make their way to the bloodstream first, which has to be processed by the liver.

In this way, the effects of THC are much slower compared to the instant effects of smoking and vaping.

However, this also means that edible’s effects will last much longer.

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How Long Do They Last?

The quick answer to this question is, it depends.

If your metabolism and tolerance are higher, the effect will not be as high. Low tolerance users will find that even a few bites of gummy bears are enough to get them euphoric. 

For no euphoric effects, try the CBD gummies instead.

Typically, edibles will last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. 

It does take longer for effects to kick in, unlike smoking cannabis. However, it is great for those who do not like smoking. You will also not get any lung irritation from using edibles like gummies.

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The Use of THC Gummies

The Use of THC Gummies

THC gummies are used recreationally and medicinally around the world.

When you use edibles, you can know their exact THC dosage labeled on its packaging. This can give you the ideal dose to get that cannabis high.

People also use THC for the following symptoms:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression and PTSD, and social anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Sleep
  • Neuropathic pain

Additionally, THC edibles are rich in vitamins such as Vitamin K, which will help reduce blood clots, and Vitamin C, which will boost your immune system.

Cannabis edibles also have useful antioxidants and nutrients to strengthen your body. Use it wisely and you will be amazed at its results.

Where To Buy THC Gummies in Canada

THC gummies are an attractive option to use cannabis due to their countless options and flavors. You can find THC gummies in their regular gummy shape form or even lego sizes!

They are also easy to eat and no mess will be left behind.  However, don’t just pick an edible product based on how it looks.

Always read the labels on each packaging before deciding which to buy. You should place your focus on its THC levels, whether it is high or low.

If you are a novice in using edibles like gummies, we recommend using a lower THC dosage to start out. This cannabinoid will affect your entire body, so it is important to monitor your dosage closely.

Lastly, you should only buy from a premium dispensary like Mail Order Marijuana. We always guarantee our product quality through carefully testing each product.

Not only that, we are offering free shipping on all orders over $99. We also have a large selection of all kinds of cannabis products including our popular $99 oz strains options.