Which Weed Should You Choose? Know all the differences, quality and tastes just by having pictorial verification

No matter, how much you try to stay away from the weeds but it has an addiction; which will call you to consume or smoke the best weed ever. The euphoric feeling, that you are wishing for a longer period of time will bring you to find out the best weed! 

Many people say that Brown weed is not a cannabis strain by itself, so they think buying it is a waste of time and money. Even, youngsters who buy brown weeds are called silly people.  Before knowing much about brown weeds, first, you need to know about the quality of the weeds. 

What is a low-grade weed?

Brown weed is a low-grade weed, which holds no good tastes and is mostly avoided by the people who consume weeds. Brown weeds smell so bad, people do not like to use them. These plants do not require much care to grow and trimmed in a significant manner. 

As it is a low-quality weed, it does not require well-cultivated lands. It can grow even in a dirty place too. You just have to throw the seeds and water them daily. Actually, these kinds of marijuana plants get harvested before their maturity.  People call it dirt. 

Health effects of low-grade weeds 

  1. If you consume these kinds of weeds in larger quantities, you may fall sick, instead of getting high and get the feeling of top of the world!
  2. Consuming a higher amount of low-grade weeds will throw you to a condition like sore throat and anxiousness.
  3. Sometimes, you may discover dry cough for consuming low-grade weeds. 

Good Quality Weeds and Bad Quality Weeds  

Points to remember while choosing cannabis from the weed kingdom.

  1. You can have a quick visual inspection on the basis of its colours. Good cannabis will be dark green in colour, which means they will look rich in the colour green. And the good quality weeds are usually considered a green colour.
  2. On the basis of strains, the colour may vary a little. You get to see colours like, yellow, purple, orange, blue or red. These colours do not represent the weed as bad quality but most of the time, you will find green colour weeds.
  3. If you find lots of crystals in your weed, it means Trichomes are more in that weed. Trichomes are important because they keep holding the bulk cannabinoids and THC of the weed you are supposed to use.
  4. You can judge the purity of the weeds by seeing them with no mould or bugs.
  5. By seeing the hairs and leaves you can easily differentiate the good and bad weed. The weeds with leaves are not good, it means they are not well-groomed and trimmed and maintained.

With a little hair in the weeds, you can undoubtedly say that it is a good quality weed. Usually, the good stuff is hard to find. 

  1. Good weeds are sticky, but they are not dry in nature.  If someone has properly taken care of the weeds, they do not become dry. Usually, good weeds are not brown in colour. Reggie is a low-grade weed, which does not taste good, and does not give you the feeling of high!

Should you buy low-grade weed? 

From the above-mentioned qualities, you must have drawn an idea of whether to buy weed or not. Here, we are providing some parameters that you can consider before buying the weeds. 

  1. You can go for brown weeds if you are running short of money.
  2. If you want to taste different kinds of weeds, then at least try all of them including brown weeds.
  3. If you are a newbie, in the era of cannabis culture then go for brown weeds, where the availability of THC is low.

But initially, if you want to taste something great and wish to get high euphoric,  then do not go for low-grade weeds. Try premium cannabis like the blue diesel strain

But, if you wish to enjoy all the good and bad quality weeds, then you may give it a try! 

Also, you can only choose the right weed for you, if you taste each type of weeds. Which weed gives you heavenly desire and which weed gives you hell feeling, you can decide after tasting all weeds!


By going through the glittering trichomes, you can decide your weeds.  We hope, you have got a bit of information about low-grade weed’s quality and taste. You can now judge the quality weeds. The brown weeds are for you or not.  But, some say, brown weeds are great in taste. 

Try every type of weed just to know, how it feels when you smoke. So, you become a master while choosing the proper weed for you. 

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