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Mail Order Marijuana offers high-quality weed concentrate, where they have been processed to keep the most desirable plant compounds for maximum enjoyment.

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Weed Concentrate Overview

Weed Concentrates are extracted from cannabis plants. They are the most desirable part of the plant for cannabinoids and terpenes compounds. The extraction process removes the excess material and impurities that are not needed.

Concentrates are also often named after their appearance. For example, shatter refers to the consistency of the concentrate.

How To Use Weed Concentrates

There are many ways in which weed concentrates can be consumed. The accuracy of THC levels in the concentrate also ensures the desired effect is achieved. It is one of the most potent forms of cannabis available in the market.

Common methods to take weed concentrates include:

  1. Vaping – This process is referred to as “dabbing,” where it allows users to feel more of the cannabis effects without the harmful by-products of smoke
  2. Edibles – Simply consume weed concentrate that has been mixed with food
  3. Joint – Sprinkle some kief or drops of concentrate oil before rolling up a blunt to enjoy maximum effects

The advice to take weed concentrate is the same as taking any form of cannabis. Keep in mind that weed concentrate is much more potent than a flower.

Use it in small amounts first before going in for seconds. The onset effects of weed concentrates will vary between individuals and it could take around 20 minutes to show up. It will then typically last for 1-3 hours in your body.

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*NOTICE* We are not liable for products that melt during transit. Please put your products in the fridge momentarily to regain their consistency.