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Mail Order Shatter Overview

Weed concentrates like the shatter drug vary in texture and consistency and most undergo the same basic process when made. First, the marijuana, weed or cannabis buds are taken and a solvent, usually butane, CO2, or propane, is run through them to extract all of the necessary chemicals from the plant. The solvent is then evaporated from the drug compound and you are left with the plant’s resins which are the psychoactive chemicals in marijuana.

Shatter weed typically looks like honey with varying degrees of transparency and color profiles. When this type of weed concentrate is warm, it has a consistency actually quite similar to very thick honey. When it’s cold, its consistency is more similar to glass. It shatters just like glass does if it is dropped or tapped, hence the term “shatter”.

How to Smoke Shatter

Although there are a few ways to burn shatter, the oil rig is by far the most popular. An oil rig, in particular, is a glass pipe that looks similar to a bong. In addition to containing a vertical chamber, it also includes a mouthpiece and a hole, which is where you insert a small nail made of glass or metal. After the nail turns red (using a blow torch to hear it), you then use a metal dabber, scoop up a small amount of shatter, and then dab it onto the nail. As a result, the oil combusts right away, and a thick plume of smoke is produced which you inhale through the rig. The best and easiest way to do smoke shatter is with an dab rig, but you may also roll it into a joint, pipe, or “hot knife” it.

Hot knives or hot knifing refers to a method of consuming cannabis. With this method, two knives, or any other similarly shaped, flat, metal object, are heated up to the point of glowing red. This is generally accomplished on a stove’s burner, but can be done with a blow torch or any other source of fire.

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